Name and Logo – We want HAPPYLOFT to be your “Happy place” which brings happiness by adding colors to your life. Embrace your imperfections and try to become a better version of yourself just like the crescent moon to be a full moon.

Happy Loft offers Dance, Music, Fitness, and Art classes for all those who want to learn ART. We have carefully structured our classes for all levels. All our Instructors are Certified and Experienced. Unlike boring and monotonous classes, we provide a variety of classes in an interactive, happy, and friendly environment.


We want you to know what motivates us

  • Your Hobby should inspire, motivate, bring happiness, and keep you in shape.
  • Everyone is unique in their own way.
  • Rules don’t exist in Art; only feelings.
  • Your free time should make you feel good, not guilty.
  • Life is better with Art in it.
  • Quality is everything.
  • If you believe there’s no point in comparing the sun with the moon; that’s how we feel about comparing ourselves with others.
  • If it doesn’t get you excited; don’t do it.
  •  Life without Art is just Meh.
  • Learn ART.

Happiness doubles when we share

We give back 10% of what we earn.

We donate for the causes which re close to our hearts. Join us and spread LOVE. 

Please DM to know more…

It is the thing we create from within.
From the depth of our soul
Where our passion does live.
The place we seek to find the unseen,
Those things that are seen
Within our minds and our dreams,
The things that others have not yet seen.

A vision where those can gaze and be free,
By a master at play while capturing his dreams
Upon the canvas where the art lives and breathes
Away from other influences, that he may have seen.

The art does not copy the others of known.
Instead, each piece is the artist’s very own.
By bracing his feet upon the ground where he stands,
The art comes from within, from the master’s own Soul.


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